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Scenic Drives

scenic drive by Janice Morris
Destination Bedford is filled with scenic back roads that are perfect for exploring in automobiles or motorcycles. The scenery ranges from lakes to farmland to the Blue Ridge Mountains. From much of Bedford County, you can see two iconic mountain peaks known as the Peaks of Otter.

fall drive by John Wilcher Photography

In addition to lesser-known scenic roads, Bedford is home to a particularly breathtaking stretch of the most famous scenic drive on the east coast — the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Blue Ridge Parkway

The Parkway offers 460 miles of picturesque travel across Virginia and North Carolina. Ranging in elevations from 600 to 6,000 feet, the road encompasses a variety of ever changing weather conditions, regardless of the season. The Parkway was designed as a scenic leisure road for motor vehicles so bikers should use caution and be prepared for significant distances between developed areas and services that may vary by season. Parkway maps are available at the Bedford Welcome Center, the Peaks of Otter Visitor Center or visit


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